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For each candidate, we explore career options and create an outstanding professional CV 


We focus on matching each individual with the best opportunity in the right environment. We have a personal relationship with each client enabling us to give considered advice - we take your professional growth seriously


Our priority is to ensure your CV is an accurate representation of you, your current skills, employment history, qualifications and academic background


We will discuss both your personal goals and your suitability for a specific vacancy. We will work with you to ensure that the CV we present to our client, on your behalf, delivers your experience and highlights your successes in a professional and succinct format


We will ensure that there is consistency with employment dates, academic qualifications and that all references can be checked by our clients' HR departments as required


We assist and advise on salary and employment contract negotiations; our relationship is on-going and we continue to be available to talk as you settle into your new role

We believe our candidates of today will become our clients of the future


Bill Park Financial Software & IT Sales jobs in London

Bill Park


International Business Consultant 

Bill is one of the most talented headhunters who exists in the financial markets. He is known for his integrity and astute judgement and has the ability to change careers and companies with the positions he fills and with his understanding of company dynamics and candidate assessment. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Bill

Raazia Ishrat-Khan


What to include


Work experience

Keep it succinct but be specific in key areas - identify the details most relevant to the position you are applying for




In sales and sales management, performance measured against targets is key so relate your sales performance to targets at every opportunity 






Use of applications and solutions eg industry-specific solutions and services, CRM, PowerPoint, Excel, etc






Be specific about your ability eg comprehensive verbal and written skills or conversational level only?





A Levels, university degree, PhD, MSc, MA


Place of study and any additional qualifications or courses attended




Pastimes, sports, interests - climbed Kilimanjaro or love morris dancing ...?  




Ensure all references and contact details are current and will withstand the scrutiny of HR






2010 - present

2010 - present

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